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The C-Head
The C-Head
Portable Composting Toilet
Portable Composting Toilet
Tiloo Pond - the Abacos
Thanks for your interest in our products. We get weekly e-mails from customers telling us how much they are
impressed with their C-Head or BoonJon. I could post them here but there is no way for you to verify the authenticity.
Anybody can simply make up testimonials, so for me the better thing to do is to just link prospective customers to
forums and websites where the C-Head is discussed. There you will get opinion and truth directly from the owners.

If you are aware of another forum or video online about the C-Head,
please send me the link so that I can post it here.

One caveat. Please be advised that clicking on any of the links below will take you to a separate website and I have no
control over the integrity of any of those sites.
Forums and Blogs
attractive price $600’ish dollars. ;-)   

G - I agree completely. The C-head is my number 1 choice as well. Surprisingly little known, it truly deserves a lot more
attention for the Tiny house/ off grid enthusiast.  

R - Try C-Head composting toilet…we just got one…
We have had a C-Head for a little over two years and its been great. Mostly its just two of us, has been 6 for the
weekend with two kids under 6. We have no problems ,odor or mess of any kind. Its very simple and easy !
We keep our boat on a mooring, and the head is considerably better ventilated than our home bathroom, so I expected
no odor problems with the new head arrangement, even though I haven't gone through the effort to install either
passive or active ventilation. We weren't disappointed. It worked very well for us. With weekend use, the solids
container lasted all season. We generally changed out the urine container once a day. Our success with the C-Head means
I will be installing one in our camping trailer now, too.
So that's two fewer holes under my boat; a toilet compartment that is easy to keep nice and clean and no smell.  I can
only recommend this as a much better alternative to a conventional marine toilet.
wife) pulled out the tank and 'conventional' head, converted that space into a dedicated shower, and closed up the
I've only had my C-head for 6 weeks now but so far I'm really satisfied with it.

I was somewhat leery of MY ability to use the separating toilet but it really does work. 4 days of me using it and another
2 days at home before I got around to emptying the liquid container and there was no smell until I went to pour the
I haven't had to empty the solids container yet and there's absolutely no smell from it even when it's in use.

I'm glad I went this route rather than having to dump porta potties...for me, plumbing in a black water tank wasn't on
my 'to do' list.

This (C-Head) is the one I'm using. I chose it not only because the cost was much lower but also because it does NOT use
a proprietary liquid container. I can throw out the gallon jug if it ever becomes necessary and I can also have as many
containers on hand as I need.
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