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Custom, Dry/Composting, Urine Diverting
Toilet System
The simple, safe, inexpensive, intuitive, versatile and responsible organic waste
management system. Requires no water, no electricity and no venting, with no
sewage odor. The perfect toilet for mobile, permaculture or off-the-grid living!
What sets us apart from the others?
C-Head makes the smallest dry/urine diverting toilets on the
market  today - audio answer

The internal collection containers have carrying handles making
it simpler and easier to empty out the toilet - audio answer

No ventilation is normally required - audio answer

The C-Head is available in several space accommodating
models and three beautiful wood grain laminate finishes - audio

Construction is from readily available, high-grade materials
making it durable as well as easy and inexpensive to maintain
and repair - audio answer

Accessories are available for managing urine - The "bottom exit
kit" (BEX kit) allows you to mount the toilet over and divert the
urine into an existing toilet flange. The "external urine diverter"
(EUD) allows you to pipe the urine to a drain field or tank. Or the
"pump-out tank" (POT) allows you to pump the urine into an
up-hill holding tank or drain field.

The C-Head comes with room inside the toilet for an insecticide
and/or deodorizer dispenser if desired.
How will you use your C-Head?
Recreational Vehicles
Tiny houses
Tree houses
For information on choosing the right C-Head to fit your specific needs,
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