Box (6-sided) or Bucket (8-sided) Footprint?
The Box footprint is designed to fit in any area where space is not an issue. It is more stable with a
broader base overall. It is designed to fit into a docking cabinet or to stand alone.

Bucket footprint is designed to fit in wedge shaped spaces such as a corner or in the bow of a
boat. The eight sided shape allows for more flexibility in situating the toilet to fit in a smaller space. It
should be noted that the top of the bucket model is still 11 inches across the back so while it will fit
further back, it will not fit tightly back into a wedge shaped space at the top.
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Box Model - 6 sided - $599
Bucket Model - 8 sided - $659
Body Versions
Choose one of 5 different body shapes (versions), to accommodate almost any configuration found
on boats and RVs. Each version is available in either the box or bucket footprint:

These versions are not combinable. You cannot get a
cut away base version with an angled back.
The MiniJon fits this configuration but is only available in the churnless system.
Standard - 18" tall version - Add $0
The standard 18 inch tall version
for areas with no space constraints
or for use with a docking cabinet.
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Angled back version - Add $70
The angled back version which is
slightly sloped on the bottom back
edge to fit up against a sloping hull.
Cut away base version - Add $70
The cut away base version for
mounting on pedestals commonly
found on sailboats and some RVs.
Shorty - 15" tall version - Add $0
The 15-inch tall shorty version for
pedestals or other space constrained
Requires the addition of an
integrated urine tank. pump tank or
. You may opt for no urine container
and supply your own
MiniJon version - Add $15
The 15-inch MiniJon version - an
angled back version of the shorty
designed specifically for pocket cruisers.
Churnless only.
Requires the addition of
an integrated urine tank or EUD.
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Exterior finish?
White laminate comes in a matte finish. Woodgrain laminate finishes
are semi-gloss with a fine wood grain texture. This is not visible in
the sample photos. Custom finishes available.
Contact us.
White - Add $0
Golden Teak
Red Mahogany
Add $20 for woodgrain laminate
Dark Mahogany
Wild Cherry
Toilet seat size and color
Click photos to enlarge
Toilet seats are available in round and elongated sizes as
well as
white or black finish. Please note that black toilet
seats are beautiful but show fingerprints, smudges and
scratches more readily than white does.
Round white
Elongated          Round
Round black - Add $20
Elongated white - Add $20
Elongated black - Add $40
Round              Elongated
 Shorty model
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Pee management systems
1-gallon Jug

This is not an option for the Shorty or MiniJon versions.

Use a common 1-gallon plastic water jug to collect urine. When full,
simply remove the cap off the jug and remove and store it in an out
of the way place. Replace with an empty jug. Discard any jugs that
become scaly. No cleaning required. These jugs will last months
with minimal care.
This is not an option for the Shorty or MiniJon

International customers get a more durable gallon jug (shown right)
as well as the gallon jug common to the USA. A box of 4 USA type
gallon jugs are available internationally for $40 which includes the
cost of shipping.
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1-gal plastic jug - Add $0
EUD - External urine
diverter - Add $80

The "EUD" or external urine diverter replaces the jug inside and
diverts urine out of the toilet into a larger outside container, or drain
field. It eliminates the need to empty a jug.

Urine Tank

The "urine tank" (or P-tank) is an internal tank and is designed to
handle more agitation, specifically for off-shore boating or off-road,
overland or boondock type camping. The P-tank holds 1-gal for the
Shorty and MiniJon versions. It holds 1.5-gal for the standard, cut
away base or angled back versions.
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Urine tank - Add $80
Bottom Exit Kit

If you are installing your C-Head over the previous toilet location
and you want to direct the urine out through the bottom of the
C-Head and into the holding tank or drain line via the existing toilet
flange, you may want to order the "
bottom exit kit." The alternative
is to build a short pedestal above and around the existing flange on
which to mount the C-Head and then route the EUD line out the
side or back of the C-Head and then under the toilet into the flange.
This requires ordering
only the EUD.

The "BEX kit" as we call it,
includes an EUD, a dog leg section of
plumbing, a p-trap and flange plug that is inserted into the flange to
seal it. The owner will need to cut a (+/-) 5-inch hole in the bottom
of the C-Head which must be aligned over the flange hole.

To read a copy of the BEX kit installation manual,
click here.

Pump Tank

If you need the urine to drain into a tank that is located higher than
the toilet, you may want to consider the "
pump tank" accessory.
The pump tank is a 1/2-gallon reservoir for the urine. It should be
pumped out after each use. It does not come with a pump but does
come with a 1/2" threaded female PVC fixture exiting the side at the
angle. The owner must provide a pumping mechanism or purchase
the "side pump" option below.

Side Pump

The "side pump" may be used in conjunction with the pump tank
and is an installed, hand operated piston type pump that pumps the
urine out of the pump tank and into the holding tank.
Bottom Exit Kit - Add $110
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Pump Tank - Add $50
Side Pump - Add $60
C-Head accessory parts are manufactured from non-proprietary,
readily available parts (as is the C-Head) for easy field expedient
maintenance and repairs.
Lady's Maid
Lady's Maid

This is a simple device to assist women in getting
the urine into the urine funnel easily and
completely when necessary. It can be made from a
nylon ladle that is available at Walmart (Mainstay
brand) for less than a dollar. Simply cut a 1-inch
hole in the center of the bottom of the ladle. The
appliance is held in place while urinating and then
rinsed off with water and hung nearby. We offer
them for $5 when shipped with the order.
Poop management systems
All C-Head models come either with a churning system or without the churning system (called the
churnless system). With the churning system, you add medium to the collection bucket before putting it
back inside the toilet and then churn the waste into it after each use using the churn handle.

With the churnless system, you add medium by hand to cover the waste after each use. Each has its
advantages and disadvantages.

The churning system requires less medium to cover the waste so you can carry less with you. It also allows
the messy part of filling the collection bucket to be done outside. It allows the waste to pour more cleanly out
of the bucket. It prepares the waste for better and faster composting if you are using it as a soil amendment in
gardening. It is also more child friendly with covering the waste.

The churnless system allows you to line the collection bucket with a plastic bag so removing the waste from
the bucket is easier and cleaner overall. It is less friendly if you are using the waste as compost unless you
buy compostable bags and it is conducive to a slower composting process. It does allow you to use a broader
range of mediums since you can use finer and coarser mediums and it covers the waste better if the users
are having trouble keeping urine out of the solid waste collection bucket. It may be more desirable if people
unfamiliar with the toilet are using it regularly, if they don't mind covering it by hand. It is more difficult to cover
the waste with medium without getting some outside the toilet and can be messy and less child friendly.
Standard churning system - Add $0
Click photo
to enlarge
Churnless system - Deduct $35
Click on photo to enlarge
Shower seal kit
The shower seal kit is designed to keep water from finding its
way into the solid waste bucket in wet bathrooms. It consists of
two gaskets: one between the toilet seat and the toilet seat lid
and one between the housing lid and the underside of the toilet
seat. It also includes a polycarbonate window over the urine
site window (only the standard height version 18" with a site
window in the front) and a plug for the churn hole in the top of
the toilet seat lid. The shower seal kit must be factory installed
and is not sold for retrofit by the owner. Black seats use a
brown gasket material.
Shorty or MiniJon versions - $30
Standard height or Angled back or Cut Away Base versions - $40
Storage Bucket Hood
A "storage bucket hood" is a separate appliance from the toilet. It
attaches to the top of a
separate 5-gallon bucket for waste storage
purposes. The storage bucket hood adds ventilation to the storage
bucket and the convenience of a screw-on lid as opposed to a snap-on
lid which can scatter condensation that builds up on the underside of the
lid. It also allows the user to fill the bucket to the brim before sealing the
bucket for disposal. The bucket can also be lined with a plastic bag.

Live-aboard cruisers and Preppers, and anyone who is not able to
dispose of or compost their waste at the time of emptying the toilet, will
find this item useful.
We no longer sell this product. Instead we are selling the Gamma Seal
lid at cost while supplies last. You can make your own storage bucket
hood very easily. Simply cut down a 5-gallon bucket 4-6 inchs below
the bottom ring and attach the Gamma Seal lid. Cut (2) 1 inch vent
ports and screen them. Watch the
vent hood video if you want to
replicate the hood in more detail.
Include a Gamma Seal lid - Add $7
Click here for video
Rubber latch tie down kit
There are numerous ways to anchor your C-Head down. We
offer a
rubber latch tie down kit that facilitates installation
and removal of the toilet. If you are considering using the toilet
in different locations or if you need to remove the toilet to
clean or access a door or panel, you may want to order this
kit. See the video for installation guidelines.
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Yes - Add $40
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Shipping to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and
the Virgin Islands is included in the prices listed.
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