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Available installed or for retrofit to
existing C-Heads and BoonJons.

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Churnless System
The New "External Urine Diverter" (EUD) Accessory

The new "external urine diverter" or EUD is an accessory that comes installed
in place of the one gallon urine collection jug. The EUD system is a gravity
feed system desinged to divert the urine to a portable jug, fixed tank or drain
field outside the toilet housing. The EUD accessory can be incorporated in
any of the C-Head models.

The EUD accessory is available in the
BoonJon, all C-Head footprints and
the new
Shorty box or bucket models. The EUD accessory is also available
for purchase for retrofitting existing C-Heads and BoonJons.

If you are considering installing an EUD accessory on a boat,
The New "Churnless" Model C-Head and BoonJon

We now offer a churnless model for all footprints, including the bucket model, box model
and shorty model. These models do not come with a churn system installed inside the
solid waste collection container nor do they come with the vent hood accessory.

With the
churnless system, you can simply line the solid waste collection container with
a plastic bag and add medium (peat moss, coir, etc.) after each use. We have had many
requests for this system. The upside is that the toilet is slightly
less expensive and you
can use a plastic bag to collect the solid waste mixture, making emptying easier and
cleaner. The disadvantages are that you must carry more medium since you need to add
medium after each use to cover the waste. The toilet seat also has
no hole or churn
handle, meaning that you can replace it with any standard household toilet seat that you

If you are considering a churnless model, the price is
$35 less for BoonJon models
and $75 less for C-Head models
than the price shown on the Buy Now buttons. Send
an email with a description of the model you want to
sandygraves@c-head.com and
we will confirm your order and invoice you for which ever model, footprint and finish you
choose. If you prefer, call me at 407-592-1207. You can send us a check or pay using
credit or debit card via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account.
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The New "Shorty" Model

The new "Shorty" model has an overall height of 15" (38 cm) to the top of the lid, with the
same footprint as the standard box or bucket  models. The lower profile is designed to fit in
smaller spaces or for easier portability. The Shorty models will fit any space that any of the
standard height models will fit in. The Shorty model comes with either the
EUD or a urine
tank installed. The urine tank replaces the common water jug found in the other models. The
Shorty is available in white or teak or dark mahogany laminate finishes.

To order, contact us by phone or email with your choice of model and color and we will bill
you for payment.
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Urine tank
The 1 gallon urine tank is constructed from rugged 1/4 inch thick PVC plastic and lined and sealed on the inside with epoxy
resin. It has a swivel out/removable spout for easy emptying and a float ball that indicates when the jug is full.
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