C-Head and
C-Head and
Portable Composting Toilet
Portable Composting Toilet
Hopetown Harbour in the Abacos
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Box Angled Back Model
(six sided foot print)
Designed for seating against a sloping hull side.
Basically a box model with the back bottom edge
angled at 45 degrees. Stainless steel hinges.

Shipping included
Box Cut Away Base Model
Designed for short pedestal applicatons. Back
bottom portion removed to lower the seat by 3".
Stainless steel hinges.

Shipping included
My toilets come in different footprints, different finishes, and shapes and are available with several accessories. Each toilet is
effectively custom built to order. Even with that, we usually
ship within 1-2 working days of receiving payment. You will
receive an email after ordering with the shipment date.
You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hrs from
the time you place your order. If you don't, check your spam folder or call us at 407-592-1207.

The cost of shipping is included for all destinations within the USA, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
All international customers please read this before trying to order.
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Click on drawing or
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"Bunker BoonJon" C-Head Package
(white box model)
Price includes,
BoonJon composting toilet with EUD
and ventilation hood for waste storage.
Package designed for live aboard boaters, boondockers
and prolonged sheltered living.

Shipping included
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Video Pending
Basic Box Model C-Head
(six sided footprint)
Boats, RVs, campers with or without holding tanks, cabins,
homesteads and OTG living with direct on-site composting.

$589.00 Box model
Shipping included
Click on drawing or
photo to enlarge
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C-Head "MiniJon" Version
The new "MiniJon" is specifically designed for pocket
cruisers and is the smallest composting system toilet on
the market, bar none. The MiniJon is only 15" tall and
has an angled back at the base to allow it to be pushed
back against the side of a sloping hull. It is only
available with the churnless system and uses the urine
tank or the EUD. There is a $15 up charge over the
standard height versions.
You will need to use the Custom
Order Form to order a shorty version.
C-Head "Shorty" Versions
All "shorty" versioins are priced the same as standard
height versions with a $80 up charge added for the
urine tank or EUD. The shorty versions will not take
the gallon jug. You will need to use the Custom
Order Form to order a shorty version.
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We build custom toilets!
If you want to customize your toilet or want to add accessories such as a tie down system or external urine
diverter to your order -
click on this link Fill out the Custom Order Form and we will invoice you via email.
Custom Order Form
Which model do I choose?

To determine which model and accessories you need, follow these guidelines.
  1. If you have a space with a flat floor that is 16 inches or more wide by 20 inches or more front to back and has at
    least 60 inches overhead, you should probably order a standard box model.
  2. If you are wanting to locate the toilet in a corner or the bow of a boat, you should consider the bucket footprint
    instead of the box footprint as it is designed for this purpose and is available in all models.
  3. If you are locating your toilet on top of an existing pedestal that is 3 inches or more tall and at least 11 inches front
    to back, you should consider the cut away base model or a shorty model. You may be able to extend the pedestal
    top out if it is under 11 inches front to back to accommodate the cut away base model.
  4. If you are locating your toilet back up against the side of a sloping hull, you should consider the angled back
  5. If you have overhead space restrictions or you want to store the toilet in a cabinet, you should consider the shorty
    model or the MiniJon model.
  6. If you want to pipe the urine collection out of the toilet into a tank or drain field, consider the "EUD" external
    urine diverter" (gravity feed) or the "pump-out tank" accessories.
  7. If you are going to shower near or while sitting on the toilet, consider adding a shower seal kit.
  8. If you are installing your C-Head over an existing toilet flange and want to pipe the urine down the hole, consider
    the "BEX" (bottom-exit) kit.
  9. If you need to access behind the toilet or if you plan on using your C-Head in several different locations, consider
    using the "rubber latch tie-down kit."
  10. If you are an off shore blue water sailor or an off road, all terrain boondocker, you should consider using the
    integrated "urine tank."

Go to the Custom Order Form page by clicking here to select you design item by item. Custom Order Form