The MiniJon is the smallest composting toilet system toilet on the market. It is designed to fit back against
the sloping side of a hull in the head space of smaller boats. It is a churnless version so medium (sawdust,
pellets, shavings, peat moss, coconut coir, etc) is added to cover the solid waste in the collection container
each time it is used. The collection container is a plastic bag held in place by a rim that allows you to
remove the bag easily, and conveniently hides the contents from view. Video pending.

The MiniJon is basically a shorty model with an angled back modification that cuts away the back bottom
of the housing.

The MiniJon also includes the urine tank or EUD (external urine diverter). The MiniJon frees you from the
pump-out station and is easy to install. It is portable for uses in other applications and it eliminates odor
issues found with toilets that mix pee and poo.

Prices start at $653 for basic white models. Prices include shipping for all the USA, US Virgin Islands and
Puerto Rico.
The All New MiniJon Week-ender
Designed specifically for weekend and short term cruising and
the pocket cruiser and small boat applications.
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