What is an EUD (External Urine Diverter)?

The EUD or external urine diverter is an accessory for the C-Head and BoonJon
portable composting toilet systems that allows you to shunt the flow of urine
directly into a holding tank or septic field. This eliminates the need to empty the
urine jug on a regular basis and may be desirable on RVs, campers or boats, and in
cabins, bunkers and other OTG facilities where a portable composting toilet may be
useful. Consult us on how to install an EUD in your RV, boat or cabin.

A C-Head with an EUD accessory installed may have some restrictions when used on
a boat. The EUD is a gravity feed system which means that the holding tank would
necessarily need to be below the head on all angles of heel or else a system to
pump the urine up to a holding tank through a check valve would need to be
designed and incorporated. These systems are prone to fail over time and violate
one of the basic principles of plumbing, to wit: sewage flows downhill. In addition,
one of the advantages of having a composting toilet is the elimination of smelly
hoses which also develop over time and are amplified in the confines of a small boat
interior. Careful consideration should be given to these issues.

Should an EUD be the right solution for your individual situation, it is fully compliant
USCG and EPA regulations to run the urine into a holding tank, so long as the
holding tank system complies with the normal
Type III MSD regulations. Specifically
if a means of discharge exists on the boat, such as a thru-hull fitting with a Y valve,
it must be secured with a non-releasable wire tie, padlock or removal of the handle
when in waters where no discharge of sewage is allowed. FYI, the purpose of this is
not to prevent you from dumping illegally but to show premeditation if you are
caught dumping illegally. By having to take a two step measure to open the valve,
you have no claim to ignorance or accidental discharge.

It may be wise and it may allow you to avoid many problems both in the USA and
Canada, if you simply disconnect the holding tank from the thru-hull fitting by
removing the connecting hose and capping off the fittings. If the boat has no means
of discharging the waste other than a shore side pump out, the
USCG will be
satisfied with the system. Here are the
USCG and EPA links with respect to laws
regarding Marine Sanitation Devices. Note the following:

Type III        
  • Typically a holding tank where sewage is stored until it can be disposed of
    shore-side or at sea (beyond three miles from shore).        
  • May be installed on vessels of any length.        
  • No performance standard, but pursuant to Coast Guard regulations, a Type III
    MSD must "be designed to prevent the overboard discharge of treated or
    untreated sewage or any waste derived from sewage". 33 CFR 159.53(c).

http://water.epa.gov/polwaste/vwd/vsdmsd.cfm and

While “portable toilets” are not legal in Ontario waters, the C-Head is considered
installed” and part of a Type III MSD system, if it is affixed to the boat, whether
using the internal gallon jug storage system or the EUD system to divert the urine to
an on board holding tank. Here are the Canadian regulations. Read them and design
your system accordingly.


Disclaimer – I am not an attorney and this information should not be construed as
legal advice. The information here is offered in good faith, as an honest and
reasonable interpretation of the laws. The reader should rely on his/her own
judgment and interpretation of the laws or seek professional legal advice if they
have questions about their particular situation.

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