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The C-Head
The C-Head
Portable Composting Toilet
Portable Composting Toilet
Whitehair Bridge at Crow's Bluff on the St Johns River
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About me - My name is Sandy Graves (my grand-kids call me Popeye) and I am
the designer and builder of the C-Head portable composting toilet and BoonJon
Garden waste management system. I am a retired Firefighter/Paramedic and
ex-Army Special Forces Medic with considerable experience in emergency
medicine, preventive medicine and field sanitation. I owned a cabinet shop
business for ten years in Austin, Texas and my passion for many years was
designing, building, sailing and rehabbing boats. I love boats, even the ugly ones.

My wife Nancy and I lived aboard our Gemini catamaran "Lily Pad" full time
from 2006 to 2011 and we cruised the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the United
States and the Bahamas. We currently live in Astor, Florida on the edge of the
Ocala National Forest on the St Johns River. If you are in the neighborhood,
either on your boat or driving through, and want to talk shop, stop on by.