Simple, safe, inexpensive, intuitive, versatile and responsible organic waste management system.
The odorless*, waterless, cost-less toilet systems for mobile and off-the-grid living!
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C-Head System
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BoonJon System
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Preppers, Permaculturists and
other OTG living
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Manufacturer's notes:

I have been getting numerous inquiries about venting the C-Head. For the record, do not vent your C-Head until you find out if you need
to. You almost certainly will not need to vent the toilet and there is no point in going to the added expense or cutting holes in your boat or
camper that are not necessary. I have had complete success with both my un-vented home installed unit (installed and used daily for two
years now) and the one that was aboard Lily Pad with respect to objectionable odor.

Many people have inquired about the construction of the C-Head. In a nut shell, the housing is 1/4" pvc plastic that is formed and
chemically fused into a seamless container. The joints are stronger than the material. The outside is covered with formed phenolic
plastic. The housing lid is
HDPE plastic (e.g. Starboard), the urine diverter is phenolic and pvc plastic and epoxy glass, and the collection
container is HDPE, pvc and nylon. All exposed fasteners and hardware are stainless steel. All adhesives are
waterproof (urethane or
epoxy based
). The toilet seat is a common household, resin impregnated wood toilet seat with heavy duty plastic hinges. The C-Head is
designed and constructed for the marine environment.

This is an interactive website! Look for some new videos in the very near future that better demonstrate the C-Head and BoonJon
Contact me if you have questions and thanks for your interest.

Capt Sandy
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