Standard Stock Toilets
Standard Stock Toilets
Weights and measurements. The standard height box model weighs 25 lbs (11 Kg) empty.
The widest part of the top lid is 15 1/8 inches (38.5 cm)and the length front to back is 20 inches (51 cm)
with a round toilet seat and 22 inches (56 cm) with an elongated seat. The base is 13 1/4 (34 cm) inches
wide and 18 inches (46 cm) front to back. The height is 18 inches (46 cm) to the top of the toilet seat lid for
the standard height and 15 inches (38 cm) for the "Shorty" and "MiniJon" models.

C-Head accessory parts are manufactured from non-proprietary, readily available parts (as is the C-Head)
for easy field expedient maintenance and repairs.

If you are interested in the BoonJon Suburban-Permaculture-Survival Gardening System and managing
your waste using nature's methods,
click here.

If you are not sure which model you need, go to FAQ,
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For instructions on how to make a cardboard mock-up of a specific model or footprint
click here.  

#2 FAQ - Can a man pee while standing? Yes, click here
All prices are factory direct “discount” prices.
The simple, safe, inexpensive, intuitive, versatile and
responsible organic waste management system. Requires no
water, no electricity and no venting, with no sewage odor.
The perfect toilet for mobile or off-the-grid living!
Custom, Dry/Composting, Urine Diverting Toilet System
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Also feel free to drop us an email letting us know how you heard about us or send us a
link to some comments on our products. That helps us keep prices down and make a
better product. It is greatly appreciated.

We are a small, friendly company. We design and build custom compact dry toilets that
create a disposable or compostable waste material. We offer different designs and
finishes to fit almost anyone's needs. We produce a beautiful, high quality product at
very competitive prices? We do it by not use expensive tooling, we do not pay
commissions on sales and our advertising budget is tiny. We rely on old school
craftsmanship and we save our customers a lot of money by selling only factory-direct
and primarily by reputation and customer word of mouth.

Our quality, our products, our service and our prices are second to none.
#3 FAQ - What kind of medium do you recommend?

I have recently found a medium that I think works the
best for most people. It is inexpensive ($3.32 a bale),
can be found at Walmart, Petsmart, Petco and online,
It is compact and one bale will last a month for two
people. It is called Aspen Bedding (for small pets,
mice and hamsters) and the brand name is Alphapet.
It has the perfect cut for churning, is 100% dust-free,
it's odorless and has high absorption.
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Made in America
And we build high quality custom toilets to fit your needs!
Customize your toilet to better fit your space and needs. Add accessories such as a
slow close toilet seat or external urine diverter to your order -
click on this link Fill out
the Custom Order Form and we will invoice you via email.
Great reads that I promote
Twisted Oak
A Journey to Create a
Self-Sustaining Life and Home
Kristina Monroe PE
All prices are factory direct “discount” prices.
The Survival Gardener
Books on Survival Gardening
and Prepping by
David the Good
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Davids books
The Surly Bonds of Earth
My Dad's autobiography of
his time as a B-26 bomber
pilot during WWII
Now available with "Slow Close" round white toilet seats!
Basic C-Head
(six-sided footprint)
Economy model, designed for boats, RVs, campers, tiny houses,
cabins, homesteads, bunkers and other OTG living where space is not
an issue.

Shipping included
Click on drawing or
photo to enlarge
Shorty C-Head
(eight-sided foot print)
The Shorty is the smallest composting toilet on the market. The 15"
height is designed for pedestal installation, storage spaces, and  other
restricted space applications. Comes with an
integrated urine tank or
p-tank as we call it.

Shipping included
Click on drawing or
photo to enlarge
Wedged Back C-Head
(eight-sided foot print)
Wedge shaped back and bottom. Designed for seating against a
sloping hull side or into corners. Basically a box model with the
back bottom edge angled at 45 degrees.

Shipping included
Color Options
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photo to enlarge
Color Options
Urine Diverter Assembly (UDA)

For the DIY installation or spaces that the C-Head housing cannot
accommodate. UDA includes a heavy duty,
slow close, white
toilet seat, an HDPE base lid with seat fastener, 316 stainless steel
hinges, shower seal kit, a sealing lid (not shown) and a urine
diverting funnel attached.

Shipping Included
with bucket and churn handle included.
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